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BoxHub Cargo Containers Trading LLC is one of the largest cargo container trading companies based in the Middle East. We purchase and sell used and brand new shipping containers for all industries.

Besides hosting a shipping container trading platform, BoxHub Cargo Containers also provides inspection and survey services strictly adhering to the rules and regulations mandated by the IICL. Our licensed inspectors, certified by the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL), will go over the containers and the concerned documents with a fine-tooth comb to make them sea-ready.


1. Container Trading

At BoxHub, all models of new and used ISO transporting containers are available.

2. Container Leasing

We own 1000+ containers for domestic short and long term leasing to serve a variety of storage and shipping purposes. Both dry and refrigerated containers are included in our collection. To maintain high-quality, all our containers in the leasing fleet are replaced every 5 years.

They are thoroughly inspected after every lease and serviced if needed by our certified dry and reefer repair technicians. We offer container rentals, handling, and trucking as a package anywhere in the UAE. Containers are leased out for a minimum period of 30days.

3.Trucking (Shipping)

We own 10 trucks and 20 trailers to transport empty containers and general cargo within the UAE. The service is made available to our customers at very competitive rates as a value-added service.

4.Depot Services

We host storage, repair, and handling facilities for third party owned containers. These services particularly come handy to multinational leasing and shipping companies whose shipping schedules often incur short intervals.

Our team of IICL certified container inspectors will meet all your container services including inspection, estimation, reporting, and repairs. State-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment are made available to handle the containers with the utmost care.

5.Survey Services

Shipping containers have to undergo thorough inspection and survey mandated by the IICL before they can be used. We will lend you a hand with that. Our Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL) certified inspectors will make sure that everything is strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations stipulated by the IICL.

They will also scan the container for damage, wear, and non-conforming repairs. The cleanliness of the containers is ensured to leave no room for contamination, residue, debris, or infestation that may prove lethal for both humans and cargos in the long run. The containers are visually inspected from the top, bottom, and sides for exterior dents, bulges, holes, missing bungs, rust, or other signs of leakage. Container expiration/replacement date will be stamped on the container.

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